GORP - Birding
Articles, guides to sites throughout the world, species information, resources,
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Binoculars at Optics4Birding: Birding Binoculars Reviews, Spotting ...
Sells binoculars, scopes, and tripods. Site includes reviews of binoculars,
spotting scopes, and tripods, also night vision binoculars, monoculars, ...

Birding Birdwatching and Wild Birds at About
Articles and extensive links.

Dutch Birding Association - the site for birdwatchers and twitchers
News, Dutch Birding journal, photo gallery, birds sounds, listers' rankings, and
a bulletin board.

Bird Watching for Kids
For the past six years, I have taken great strides to encourage more wildlife into our garden and have taken my children to wildlife sanctuaries and educational centres as I want them to be as passionate about wild animals as much as I am.

American Birding Association
Information and programs for recreational birders.

Birding.com: Birding In the USA and Around the World!
Photos, songs, birding hot spots, checklists, links, and advice for new and
backyard birders.

Fun Facts About Hummingbirds
Hummingbirds are tiny birds that move their wings quickly to hover over flowers and feeders. Their long beaks enable them to access nectar with their tongues. Learning fun facts about hummingbirds may help you appreciate these fascinating birds more. You may even wish to plant flowers or hang a feeder to attract them to your yard.